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Thursday, April 24, 2014


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I'm wearing my teacher hat today.

It's a bird - 
It's a plane -

It's the series of books that converts 
the most reluctant of readers


Dave Pilkey

Yes, it's silly.
Yes, the kids snort laugh when they read it.

But - 


It's a whole series so they KEEP READING.

It's such a rush when a child "clicks" with reading. It may start with Captain Underpants, but it will continue for a lifetime.

To break down the barriers of reluctant readers, you have to hit just the right note. Don't dismiss silly.

What's your experience with a book or a series that finally pulled in a reluctant reader?


  1. Right now my students love Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I remember Captain Underpants was huge years ago. Maybe I need to reintroduce that series.

  2. Whatever gets kids to read is a good thing. People are knocking the Twilight Series lately, but that book got a country of teenagers, not to mention women, reading like crazy.

  3. I had a math teacher in high school who was one of the earliest converts to Captain Underpants.

  4. What little boy wouldn't want to read that?

  5. Kids do love those books. My brother-in-law actually said I should create a book series for girls about farting and burping. He said there's a market for that. Lovely!

  6. When I moved in with my husband he had the whole collection (that had been written up until that point) of Captain Underpants books. As Danica became old enough he read them to her at bedtime. Then she read them to herself. The two of them love them... but I've never read them LOL

    Dani has never been a reluctant reader so I can't credit Captain Underpants with helping there, but it did give she and Jo some common ground, which is never a bad thing :)

  7. I think I started with Dr. Seuss. I can't remember any more because I have been reading for over 30 years. I love books. I always recommend to my nieces and nephews as they have children to invest in Dr. Seuss and the Beranstain Bears books. They are classics for little kids.

  8. I don't care what it takes to engage a kid with a book, just do it. Captain Underpants is brilliant.

  9. Wimpy Kid. My reluctant reader has read them at least nine times each (his count) and now reads with relish whatever he can get his hands on that smells of humor or adventure. Bless you, Jeff Kinney!

  10. No better way to make kids to learn than to have them snort with laughter!

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  11. Kids LOVE silly, so I'd never turn up my nose at it. If silly gets them learning and reading, then I love silly, too!

  12. I can't keep Wimpy Kid on by bookshelves. They are always checked out. Super Diaper Baby and Time Warp Trio are popular too.

  13. Silliness is invaluable in younger children's books. I LOVE the idea of Capt. Underpants (but then I'm always amused by fart jokes, too! lol).