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Monday, April 7, 2014


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Floyd who?

Last Saturday night, at the La Mirada Performing Arts Center, just a touch south of Los Angeles, I had a wholly unique experience with the musical, Floyd Collins. 

Most musicals follow a somewhat predictable format - but in Floyd Collins EVERYTHING was unexpected. It was an original, engaging, absorbing, and heart-wrenching gem of storytelling. Real vs. surreal. Comedy vs. tragedy. A soul-stirring score with bluegrass flavor.

The musical is presented in an intimate setting "Onstage" of the La Mirada Theatre's playhouse. The nooks, passageways, and mysteries of Rich Rose's set make the show a visceral experience for the audience. The design traps you in the cave with Floyd as well as barricading you from him on the outside along with the other characters. 

The musical is based on a true event.

Here's the synopsis from the La Mirada Theatre's website:
In 1925, while chasing a dream of fame and fortune by turning a Kentucky cave into a tourist attraction, Floyd Collins himself became the attraction when he got trapped 200 feet underground. Alone but for sporadic contact with the outside world, Floyd fought for his sanity and ultimately his life as the rescue effort above exploded into the first genuine media circus. Reporters and gawkers from across the country descended on the property, fueling the hysteria and manipulating the nations into holding its collective breath.


A young reporter from the Louisville Courier-Journal William "Skeets" Burke Miller won the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of Floyd's plight.

This production of Floyd Collins is an LA Times critics choice for its excellence. Here is the LA Times review. It is only one rave among many for this brilliant piece of theatre.

If you are anywhere within traveling distance to the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts (near Disneyland), you owe it to yourself to experience this show. It truly is a master class on storytelling. Click the theatre link for tickets. It's playing through April 13th - dark on Monday.

Juxtaposition of real vs. surreal elements, with a layering of the right music turns an historical event into captivating art. 

Is there a moment in history that is nudging you to tell its story?


  1. What a brave man! I'm very claustrophobic, so I can only imagine the horror he endured.
    I enjoy biographies, history, musicals, all of it. I enjoyed reading this!
    Thank you for visiting Poetry of the Netherworld.

  2. What a scary story of a real life experience. And that they made the musical unique too makes it even more special.

  3. What an ingenious way to do a musical. I hope it comes my way someday. :)

  4. I'd never heard of this story! Thanks, Leslie. :)

  5. It's been WAY too long since I got out to see a musical. Guess it's time to put a bug in the hubby's ear. =) I love unique content, and especially when the music is truly inspired.

  6. That sounds really good. Alas, it's also pretty far away from me LoL

  7. What an amazing piece of theater! I hadn't heard of Floyd's story before. I just read about Camp David and how this play is about one of the pivotal treaties in the Middle East. I've got it marked as a must see. Guess I'll add Floyd Collins, too.

  8. I've never heard of Floyd Collins. Makes me curious now. Unfortunately that's almost 870 miles from where I live so I don't think I'll be making a trip to see it. If it makes it this far I'll have to get my husband to take me to see it.

  9. This sounds amazing! I'm not usually one for musicals, but this makes me wish I still lived in Cali!

  10. Wow, this sounds fantastic. I love musicals and this sounds so original. If only I were closer. . .

  11. Definitely not your typical musical! Sounds fascinating!!

  12. This sounds very interesting. It's been a long time since I've been to the theater. I definitely miss it!

  13. I wish I could charter a plane and fly everyone out to see this unique show! Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

  14. Fascinating. I've never heard of this story and would love to see it.

  15. Yeah, "Floyd who" is exactly what I was thinking! Lol. This sounds like a unique, amazing show, though. I hope it comes my way!

  16. I've never heard of the act, nor have I heard about the real-life incident. Holy cow.