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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Welcome to Yes, This Will Be On the Test.
Waving to visitors, new followers, and fellow A to Z participants. I’m sending virtual hugs to you all for taking a moment to stop by.

I’ll be sharing my “take-aways.” All those snigglets, golden nuggets, and lessons learned from other creative sources.

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The Marvel Universe is my Oz.

Love these peeps...

 And don't forget these guys...

And here's the part where you "boo" and "hiss" 

Apologies to the many, I've left out.

Shout out to -  

Astrophysicist Jane Foster! 
Hello positive female role model. Mensa material, and she's got great taste in guys.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention - 

Stan Lee + Joss Whedon = Brilliance

The Marvel Universe is an intricate, wacky, adrenaline-inducing blast!

I am so intrigued by the way the Avenger movies and the Agents of Shield television show intertwine. 

Coulson's team cleaned up after the Dark Elves from Thor 2, and you never know when an Asgardian is going to show up in your neck of the woods. 

And who doesn't want that kickin' plane on the Agents of Shield or Tony Stark's tech.

My son will disown me if I don't raise the roof for the comic book versions and graphic novels that bring the Marvel universe to your fingertips. Marvel comics were the conduit that turned my reluctant reader into a reader.

Should I mention...

Probably not.

My son did see it and said the scenery and special effects were off the charts amazing. Too bad the show never really found itself -

It's coming to LAS VEGAS!

I admit to owning (one version - there are many) music from the show. And YES, I will be traveling to Vegas via bifrost to see it.

If you're not into any of this - you can still enjoy a delicious beverage.

Geek out complete...for now.

TAKE AWAY - Why write a single story when you can build a universe?


  1. Brilliant post. I enjoy this universe.

  2. I'm kind of a kook when it come to Marvel Movies. Love them!!

  3. I've been curious about the Agents show but haven't had time to watch it. Love Thor!!!

  4. My son is just to the age where he has fallen in love with the Marvel Universe. He's not quite old enough for the movies yet but is loving the cartoons we've found for him.

  5. I will make the bifrost journey with you!

  6. Totally with you!! How can you not love Marvel?

  7. Heck yeah! So many favorite characters from this universe. :)

  8. Great post! One of my students just got hooked on comic books and is loving them! It is wonderful to see his enthusiasm for reading really take off and I know it will help him to become a stronger reader. :) He loves Marvel comics (and the movies too). :) I have really enjoyed all the Marvel movies I have seen- haven't read any of the comics in a long time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Having fun visiting blogs on the 15th day of the #atozchallenge. Great photos to support your posts. Congratulations. If you have time or interest, I am writing about gardening and related topics this month. Come visit.

  10. At one time I had so many comic books from the Marvel Universe. I lost them all over the years but I was at one point obsessed enough that I had to buy the newest ones every time the came out. I'm still a fangirl of the Marvel Universe, in direct contrast to my husband who is a DC fan all the way. Makes for some interesting conversations.

  11. Love those Marvel Comics. I'd scrimp all week to buy one or two. Those and a root beer popsicle and I was in heaven.

  12. I wasn't into Marvel Comics... I liked Classic Illustrated, which makes me a bit of a nerd. However, I do remember having a Green Lantern comic or two. But that DC Comics so I don't know if I'm redeemed. :-)

  13. I'm super stoked about the movie/TV series cross over too. So awesome! And we watched them in exactly the right order. (Yay!)

    True Heroes from A to Z

  14. I don't ever boo or hiss when I see Loki;-) Have you seen the fandom on Pinterest? I think most girls like Loki better than Thor or at least the same! I can hardly wait for the new Spider-Man movie.

  15. Have I told you lately that I love your posts??? NO well, let me change that...I love your posts and this one is Amazing. :) I'm a big fan of the graphic novels, and would take the X - Men over Avengers anyday, though I do believe my fave avenger is coming on board in the movies this year SW. Can't wait.

  16. Yeah, the roommate and I are a little obsessed :) The latest Cap movie is AMAZING!!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

  17. Why write a single story when you can build a universe? That is a great question... and now it's stuck in my brain. If I start writing universes now it'll be your fault ;)

  18. LOL, well, it is pretty amazing, what they've created. It's not really my thing, but I still sit back and admire it!

  19. You'd never drink those cans, just display them forever.
    Marvel has handled the movies and new show with such brilliance. They could go on forever.

  20. I think the whole Marvel universe is really inspiring. It's a whole universe that's come from the imagination, and there are so many people that get really into it, it's as if they life there. I love it. :)

  21. Marvel has official made my life. It's the combination of my two "heroes" . . . Stan Lee and Joss Whedon. The holy grail.

  22. Love your takeaway!
    I know I'd love this universe, but haven't actually seen any of it yet. I'll have to figure out where to start and jump on in! :)

  23. I love that you will be traveling by Bifrost! Thor and the Avengers have brought lots of sparkly happiness and ideas to my life.

  24. This is the bestest Geek group hug EVER. Y'all rock.