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Thursday, April 17, 2014


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I love fairy tales and their many incarnations and adaptations. I was raised on Disney movies, but I also love the original gritty Grimm's versions.

Yes, I'm hooked on the television show 

It fascinates me to see the mash up of fairy tale characters from Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, JM Barrie, L Frank Baum etc.. I'd move to -

in a sec.

I'm totally invested in the Lunar Chronicles, CINDER, SCARLETT, and CRESS by Marissa Meyer.

My favorite fairy tale riff of late is ONCE.
First it was a wonderful movie from Ireland written and directed by John Carney.

The guy musician is the "Cinderella" character and the girl is the "Fairy Godmother."

Then it went to Broadway and won the Tony.

I had the privilege to see the original cast.

Yep, it was magic.

TAKE AWAY: There's more than one way to skin a cat, or tell a fairy tale.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale retell?


  1. I'm on familiar with Cinder.

    I enjoyed Politically Correct Bedtime Stories years ago.

  2. Wonderful choice for O. I love fairy tales too. I was hooked to Once upon a time when the first season aired here,

  3. I'm having a brain fart now, but my favorite is the Cinderella story with Drew Barrymore. Loved it.

  4. Ever After with Drew Barrymore!! I need to see "Once."

  5. I love retold fairy tales, and I agree with the other comments here, Ever After was one of my faves.

    I never did manage to get into Once Upon a Time

  6. I need to give Once Upon a Time another chance. :)

  7. Great O word today! I'd love to see Once.

  8. I adored the film version of Once. The soundtrack is breathtaking and the chemistry of the two main characters.... heart-wrenching. I hadn't thought of it as a bit of a fairy godmother sort of story. Interesting take.

  9. No, but I'd love to create one! I read a book by another author who writes for my imprint that was a takeoff on The Wizard of Oz in a distant way and I thought, "It would be fun to work a classic story into a middle grade novel." I just have to figure out the right story and the right twist!

  10. Cool you got to see the original cast!
    Once Upon a Time came out with a bunch of other shows and I didn't have time to watch it. Will catch up once it all hits NetFlix.

  11. I love fairy tales and retellings. I haven't seen the show Once Upon a Time- but I have been wanting to start it from season one. :) Once sounds like something I would love too. I must check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I occasionally watch movie or TV retellings; I've never read a book ye, but I think retellings are clever and creative. :)

  13. I loved Robin McKinley's Beauty, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Does my own work count? :D I haven't published it yet but I have my own retelling of Beauty and the Beast I'm working on editing now myself.

  14. Oh I am such a OUaT fangirl :) it's so fun to see how they modernize and mash it all up!

  15. Did you much care for Wonderland?

  16. Wow - glad to read another SCWBI members post!
    Nice to meet and connect through the AtoZ challenge.