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Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for KINDLE

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I'm a crazy reader. Always have been. I was the kid under the covers with the flashlight.

I love the feel of a print book in my hands, but e-books have a special place in my heart.


The book I'm reading never leaves my side. Besides my Kindle, I have the app on my phone, my computer at home, and my computer at school, and my tablet.

I can project the Kindle app from my computer onto my Smartboard in the class room. This allows my students to follow text and pictures when I read aloud wonderful graphic novels like Alan Silberberg's, MILO, STICKY NOTES AND BRAIN FREEZE or his THE AWESOME ALMOST 100% TRUE ADVENTURES OF MATT AND CRAZ.

If you're over 40 - enough said. If you're under 40 - just wait.

Just got this super fun cover from Disneyland.

My Kindle means more reading time and instant purchases of all those wonderful e-books being written by so many of you out there in Bloglandia. For someone like me who's all about instant gratification - that's solid gold.

I still buy multiple hard cover books every month for myself and my classroom. Huzzah for print books.  

Are you an e-reader person?


  1. I have a Kindle on my I-Pad and slowly getting used to e-books, but at heart, I'm a paper back girl!

  2. I almost never use my Kindle, but I do make my Word font to 125% because it's easier to read.

  3. I love both, too! Nothing better than hundred of books at your fingertips when you're traveling. Nothing better than a nice thick book with pages to turn when you're snuggled in your favorite reading chair.

  4. The adjustable font is probably going to be the biggest reason I ask Santa for a Kindle this coming Christmas :)

  5. I don't have an ereader. so I am still a print girl. I don't have one high on my list, but I am sure there are lot of benefits to having an ereader. I know I miss out on some books that are only available in electronic format.

    I like the idea of being able to project the Kindle pages to your SmartBoard.

  6. I love both, like you said, it's lovely to have your books with you at your fingertips when travelling, but it's also lovely to have the bound, paper ones as well. Great post.

  7. I've got the Kindle app for Chrome on my computer and spend my time reading there for the most part. I do check out books from my library. Don't get me wrong, I like print books too. But my Kindle app is far more convenient. I also have over 200 books to get through on my Kindle app.

  8. Haha, my K was for Kindle, too, and the really funny part is that I mentioned the font size, as well!

  9. I'm hit and miss. Most books I do get as ebooks now, but if the price is similar to the paperback version, then I just get that instead. At least with my real bookshelf, I can see what books are waiting for me. The ones on my iPod get buried under the newest additions. :(

  10. Some day, I will cave and buy an e-reader...but for now I'm still holding on to my actual books with desperation!

  11. I didn't know you could project your Kindle for your class to see. That's so cool! It took me forever to get a Kindle, but now I love it. I use it a lot like a tablet as well.

  12. AMEN sister! I LOVE my Kindle. My husband bought the first one for me a few years ago for my birthday and I was like, 'why do I want this?' It only took one time traveling to know why he'd gotten it for me. Having loads of books in a lightweight format? Priceless. Especially now that we go backpacking in the summer - I can bring thousands of pages in a tiny bit of space and very little weight. LOVE.
    Thanks for stopping by this week :)

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  13. I have a kindle fire, a plain kindle and a kindle app on my Samsung S4...enough said!

  14. From A to Z, Banned Library.
    I love my kindle and am glad to find somebody else as enthused about ebooks. Too many people see them as the death of reading when they are the opposite. I just wish it was a little more open than behind Amazon's walled garden.

  15. Did I mention my kindle is dying? This is the thing of hyperventilation and extreme depression. How am I supposed to function without my eReader?

  16. Maybe at some point I will read electronically besides on the Internet, but not today.

  17. I love my Kindle and the apps I have everywhere. I get so much more reading done.