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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Making the Bold Choice

I have the good fortune to live in a family of artists. My son is an actor, my daughter a writer, their dad a scenic designer, and his husband a graphic artist.

Chats around the dinner table drift to subtext, intention, symbolism, and artistic risk-taking.

The winner of this summer's boldest choice goes to my son, Cameron Rose. He is part of the repertory theater company, Theatricum Botanicum, in L.A., founded by Will Geer. This summer he performs as Claude in Moliere's, Imaginary Invalid.

Claude is a fop, full of pretense and entitlement. So you're picturing something like this...


Now add to the over the top wig and chunky heels Cam's acting choice. His characterization of Claude is a man influenced by the chickens he grew up with on the family farm, embued with the physicality of head-pecking, squawks and wing flaps. 

And it the point of hilarity.

The costumed visual would have been enough to incite giggles, but taking the farce to poultry proportions took guts. It could have fallen on its face and been "pooh-poohed" as too silly, but a slew of thumbs up reviews validated the bold choice.


As a writer, I'm taking a page from Cam's book. Take the risk. Don't settle into a comfort zone of storytelling. Stretch, reach, and go to a place that might not be in my wheelhouse...yet. 

The payoff just might be a delicious chicken dinner.

What has inspired you to bust through that glass ceiling in your writing?


  1. Glad his risk paid off for him!
    If I'm going to get my next story written, I'll need to take some big risks.

  2. Yay for Cam! That is so awesome. Holidays with the Roses must be a hoot!

  3. I love that!!! Big risk and big reward!!
    I tend to be more cowardly - but I recently entered a contest with my WIP. While I didn't make it as a final choice, I got terrific feedback and support and gained a pile of new friends. Awesome!!

  4. Love this! I'm still giggling at the imagine in my head.

    1. There are even chickens on the fabric of his vest.

  5. Too funny. And you're quite clever to translate his risk taking into your writing. Great idea.

    1. It's amazing how close the acting and writing worlds mirror one another.

  6. Love your son's costume. And it's great he inspired you to take risks. :)

  7. Ah, the tables have turned and the child provides inspiration for the parent!
    How wonderful is that, Leslie? Such a proud feeling too, I'm certain...

  8. Bwahaha! Seriously? Chickens... Now that is epic. Give that man an award.

  9. Sounds hilarious!

    I try to write everything that comes to my mind, even if it's scary or "out there". :-D

  10. I do have a very funny imagine in my mind. So glad your son stepped outside of the box and that you are inspired to do the same. Love it! :)

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