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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Digging the Swoon Reads Community

It is an absolute blast being part of the Swoon Reads community. 

What is Swoon Reads?
"Swoon Reads is an imprint of Macmillan publishing under Feiwel & Friends and was founded by Jean Feiwel."

Swoon Reads is a website that connects readers and writers so they may interact and chat over unpublished manuscripts submitted to the site.

Per the website: 
"Swoon Reads publishes young adult and new adult novels. Writers can submit their original, unpublished manuscript to the Swoon Reads website, and readers who sign up can rate and comment on manuscripts to help us choose which titles we want to publish."

As an author, it's a super forum to receive feedback on your work from an audience you would otherwise not be connected with.

As a reader, it's interesting to experience the content and quality of a variety of manuscripts. Analyzing the writing of other authors always helps me improve my own craft.

My offering OVER THE DEEP-FRIED RAINBOW is currently available to be read on Swoon Reads. 

If you are so inclined to give my story a peek, click on the cover in the sidebar of this blog and it will take you to the website and OVER THE DEEP-FRIED RAINBOW. After creating a quick profile you'll be ready to read.

If you're a YA or NA author ready for feedback, I can't recommend a better experience than becoming part of the Swoon Reads community. 

If you have more questions...

Here is the blurb for OVER THE DEEP-FRIED RAINBOW:

After months on the road, teen actress, Sid O'Sullivan, yearns for a slice of normal high school life. She pops home to surprise her long-distance boyfriend with prom tickets, and catches him with the new girlfriend he failed to mention during video chats. Sid high-tails it over the deep-fried rainbow to Kentucky for her next acting job. Instead of southern comfort, her kin are determined to raise her spirits from dying fly to spit in your eye. They slap GONE WITH THE WIND in her hand so Scarlett O'Hara can show Sid how to drive the romance train instead of hanging off the caboose. In the midst of pickled pig's feet and over-sexed cousins, SWEET BUTTERED JESUS, a hunkalicious farm boy appears on the other side of the screen door. Sid goes full throttle, eye-batting Scarlett on the local charmer. Even with her new skills, she may not be the real puppeteer behind this new romance.