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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Getting in the Mood

Before I start a new project or dive into a revision, I need tangible inspiration to wrap or rewrap my head around the characters and the world I'm painting. 

Playlists are a HUGE inroad for me to connect with the emotional landscape of a story. Since I'm a visual girl, I also need some talismans and touchstones to sink into the tale.  

Here are some of the pieces charging my battery for my current WIP, a Rapunzel retell from the prince's POV.

A floor plan of her tower.

A Rapunzel ornament from the Disney version.

A ring my Rapunzel might wear.

I'm currently obsessed with making character diaries with both visuals and character write ups. Here's a collage for one of my supporting characters. Thank you Santino Fontana (The Prince in the recent Broadway production of Cinderella and the voice of Hans in Frozen) for inspiring this particular character with your talent and roguish good looks.

What are some of the things y'all do to get into the "zone" of your projects?