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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Thank you all for your patience at my impromtu blog vanishing act over the last month.  

Have you ever been awakened by a deafening noise? 
Or did you just imagine you'd been awakened by a deafening noise? When you embrace consciousness, the house is dead silent. Your middle of the night investigation fails to reveal any mass destruction.

You've been visited by the specter of HYPNAGOGIA.

It's the freaky transitional state between sleeping and waking where the real and unreal inhabit the same space. Yes, there may be unicorns.

I woke up in a panic last week POSITIVE a mouse ran across my foot under my covers. I've never leapt to my feet faster in my life. My blankets were whipped off that bed so fast I created a wind chill factor in my bedroom.

I had two more "twilight zone" encounter with the mystery mouse. Alas, I have yet to prove its existence. 

Finally I unleashed my cat, Padme, who is a huntress extraordinaire, into my room. All she did was look bored. No scent at all. 

It's time to admit my mousey nemesis lives in the ether between sawing zzzzz's and being conscious.

At least it wasn't a snake.
No Freudian comments please.

Have you ever had an oddball twilight vision?

I feel a Hypnagogia Club coming on.