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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What Would You Like to Hear?

Raise your hand if you're into podcasts?

*Raises hand*

Love 'em. My favorite is "The Good Place" podcast hosted by Marc Evan Jackson. I'm a mega-fan of the show, and the podcast is not only entertaining, but it unwraps yummy tidbits and insights that enhance the fan experience. 

A few of us in my writing sphere are thinking about dipping our collective toes into a podcast about - 
you guessed it...writing!

We don't have any desire to tread on already heavily footprinted ground on the subject. We picture a more easy breezy conversation about what the writing life/experience looks like from different POVs. 

Soooooooooo- on that note, "La La La,"
What would be some topics or tidbits you might be interested in hearing about from some chicks who write?

Hope everyone is having a fab summer. I'm off to San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks - stay tuned for a glimpse inside the insanity.