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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes, Chef!

I am not a foodie, unless a custom order at In and Out burger qualifies. Food networks aren't usual fare on the Rose airwaves, but I do admit if a cooking show happens to be on, I'm inexplicably drawn to the artistry of the process.

Recent events have allowed me a glimpse into the foodie world and now I TOTALLY get it. 

I have entered the realm of:

Last night my world was forever changed when I ate at Gordon Ramsay's Steak House at the Paris in Las Vegas. 

Want a bite?

Start with the Ferris Wheel of meat and choose your cut. 
Yes, it's real meat. 

Fun fact: Our waiter said they keep the cuts on display for about two days until they start to go brown. The wheel hangs out in the fridge between showings for all of you freaking out about potential weird meat odor during the presentation.

Segue way to the salad. Bacon wheels and green goddess dressing - sigh.

See the breads up there? Every one of them is a different gourmet treat like bacon roll, mushroom roll, cheese bread, lemon focaccia. Even the butter was otherworldly delish. 

And now for Gordon Ramsay's signature dish - Beef Wellington. I'm not a rare steak person, but this was so melt-in-your-mouth crazy good, I went for it.

They really went overboard with the veggies - NOT - so sides were called for. Citrus glazed asparagus and life-changing, ginger-garlic glazed shiitake mushrooms and leeks. 
The mushrooms are MANDATORY - it's a quality of life issue. 

Food coma - YES. Ecstasy - YES.

I would sell my soul for a return trip into the land of 
Hell's Kitchen.

Any life-changing dining experiences out there? 
Gordon Ramsay fans?


  1. I like his show Kitchen Nightmares.
    I ate at a fancy but awesome restaurant in Utah many years ago. The food was amazing and I think for three of us, the bill was over two hundred dollars. It was worth it.

    1. It's amazing how the bill doesn't sting when the food is uber-delish.

  2. have entered a world that is hard to leave once stepped into. The Lennons are major foodies, including the kids. Excellent for enjoyment and satisfied stomachs, not so much for one's wallet. LOL. Glad you enjoyed your LV dinner. We at at Ramsey's restaurant at The London Hotel near UCLA. The kids still talk about the house-made maraschino cherries in their Shirley Temples. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in June as their contract was up.

  3. I'm still laughing at the veggie comment. That carrot does seem lonely on the plate.

    1. That carrot was tiny, but it was ridiculously tasty.

  4. Mouth-watering and eye-appealing, indeed. I love excellently prepared food.

    1. I felt guilty when I cut into the Wellington and it went all lopsidey.