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Friday, July 17, 2015

Comic Con Afterglow

Another fabulous Comic Con in the rear view mirror. 

Security was tight.

Merchandise tempting. 
(Yeah, I bought it.)

Cosplay did not disappoint.

New t-shirt: 

Biggest geek out moment:
Sighting of Clark Gregg, Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD.

Fantastic Panels. 
My favorite was the 50th anniversary of LOST IN SPACE. 

Yes, that's Judy Robinson, Pilot Don, Penny Robinson, and Will Robinson.

My daughter hit the jackpot. She waited for a zillion hours in line to see the STAR WARS, FORCE AWAKENS panel. Not only did Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford show up, but director J.J. Abrams treated the audience to donuts AND walked them to a second venue where everyone got a lightsaber and free concert of Star Wars music played by the San Diego Symphony. 

Yes, I'm jealous.

Fun fact: There are super cool venues and activities around Comic Con beside the convention itself. 


Nerd HQ, the brain child of Zachary Levi. A venue with gaming, food, community, merchandise and panels featuring
the likes of William Shatner, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon. You do purchase tickets to the panels, but the proceeds go to the charity OPERATION SMILE.

W00tstock, an annual variety show created by and featuring Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage (Mythbusters), and Paul and
Storm (Comedy Music Team). It was four hours of music, riffs on TED talks, comedy and all around hilarity held in an amazing classic theatre, The Balboa. 
Paul and Storm sang a gut busting parody of Game of Thrones to the tune of American Pie. 
Here's the chorus - try it out.

Over at Petco Park - Home of the San Diego Padres baseball team - was CONIVAL sponsored by Nerdist. Free panels - gaming - food - fun.

Everyone can catch Comic Con fever 
even without an official badge.

Next week I'll share tidbits from this year's lit. panels.

Let's get down to it - if you were going to cosplay, who would you be? There's only one choice for me.


  1. If I ever get to go, we should hook up.

  2. Holy cow, you really bought that purse? Oy! You totally crack me up.

  3. This all looks so fun. I love the costumes. I would have bought that purse too.

  4. Looks such fun! Glad you had a good time.

  5. This looks like a ton of fun. I am jealous of your daughter too! I guess her patience and perseverance waiting for the panel paid off big time. That purse is so cute.

    I am not sure who I would be- I have characters I would like to be, but could never pull off- and then I would want to be comfortable too. I would have to give it a lot of thought. :)

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