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Saturday, March 10, 2018

View From the First Grade Trenches

It is increasingly difficult to stay sane as a teacher in the current climate. We're vilified and criticized on a daily basis, but still we show up.

We show up for the kids. We show up to invest in a better future by giving our all to the minds and hearts in our care. We show up because we believe in what we do.

This Facebook post summed it up for me. 

And on a lighter note...

Isn't it awesome kiddos today adore Dr. Seuss as much as we did growing up? As a kid, I was in a Dr. Seuss bookclub and held my breath for each new book to arrive. 

My elementary school participated in READ ACROSS AMERICA on Dr. Seuss' birthday. Over 850 students were reading Dr. Seuss at the same time. Now there's a cool vibe!

My firsties kicked it up a notch by taking liberties with a classic Dr. Seuss rhyme.


  1. Yes, Dr. Suess's day is great. Are you still at Rosedell?

    1. Switched over to Emblem. STEM is my happy place.

  2. I love the switch with Green Eggs & Ham - that's one of my faves!!!

    It's beyond ridiculous that people are talking about arming teachers. That is most definitely NOT our job!! That post says it well

  3. Funny!
    The teachers don't need to be armed - we need guards who are armed at each school. Preferably ones that don't run and hide.

  4. Leslie, your students are soooo lucky to have you! You have a beautiful gift of making learning fun.

  5. I love Dr. Seuss those rhymes, even when tampered with, are fun, fun, fun.

  6. My co-author is a teacher and I agree that people do not give teachers enough credit. Bravo to teachers everywhere and all the hard work you all put in. You care about kids and make a difference in their lives.

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