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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Summer of Conferences - Part 1 ALA

Just when you thought I'd never post again - 

-fooled you!

I definitely lived out of a suitcase this summer, 
but it was well worth it.

JUNE: American Library Association Conference in Las Vegas. 

I was a first timer at this conference and only did the exhibit floor for the bargain price of $35. It was amazing. I left with a tub full of ARC's, hard bound and paperback books, and literary posters for my school's library
All free!

The real gem of ALA, besides the freebies, is the chance to celebrate accomplishments with friends.

I had the honor of whooping it up with the wonderful Martina Boone over the upcoming release of her novel COMPULSION. 

This novel is going to make you remember why you love disappearing into a story.

I had the thrill of jumping up and down and clapping when I saw Sarah Skilton's books BRUISED and HIGH AND DRY on the Abrams/Amulet Shelf. If you haven't read Sarah's books, it's time to treat yourself.

Hooray for Jessica Love who was there signing her new release PUSH GIRL. It was such a rush seeing the long line waiting to meet her. 

I indulged my inner fangirl, okay it's not so inner, over Laini Taylor, Matt DeLa Pena, and Neal Shusterman who added pizazz to the exhibit floor.

Did I mention it was in Las Vegas? Here are Lisa Gail Green, Katharyn Sinelli, and I hitting The Hard Rock Cafe. The Mon Ami Gabi Steakhouse in the Paris Casino and Sprinkles Cupcakes also yummed up the weekend.  Someone - (Lisa) even managed to win some impressive jackpots on video poker. 

Next up: JULY - Comic Con

Any ALA stories out there to share?


  1. I can't wait for Compulsion. I'm so excited for Martina!!!

    I had a couple of conferences this summer. They were fun and exhausting because I was on a couple of panels.

  2. I've got Compulsion on pre-order - can't wait!
    What a blast - meeting/seeing all those people. Sounds awesome!

  3. You did catch me off guard, you rascal you. And here you were off enjoying LV and ALA. What a blast.

  4. So exciting. I need to go to more of these conferences for both the books and the company. That is an amazing price.

  5. Love it! Yay for you. Next year, SCBWI -LA.

  6. I got to meet my fav author Elizabeth Wein at ALA!!! And my daughter snatched Ellen Hopkins as she was hurrying by and got a selfie with her. I love ALA!!!

  7. I've never been to a conference like that but imagine it's a lot of fun.

  8. I'm such a goofball! I read this post on my phone a few days ago and meant to come back and comment. *ducks head in shame*

    It's so cool to see Martina's book out there. And Sarah's!!

  9. I love conferences. Won't be able to make it to any the rest of this year, but will more than make up for it in 2015. :)

  10. Stina - I'm sure you rocked your panels.

    Jemi - Maybe we'll actually meet at a conference one of these days.

    Lee - Gotcha

    Medeia - The free stuff made me feel like I was on the old Supermarket Sweep TV show.

    Stacey - We'll have to plan definite "hang-out" time at next year's SCBWI. If you're down this way and have time holler.

    Laurisa - Oh my gosh - I should have included you in the post. AND I GOT TO SEE THE AMAZING LAURISA WHITE REYES at ALA TOO. SHE'S DA BOMB!

    Alex - It was really cool to see literature celebrated from writer - teacher - and librarian POV. Lots of book love.

    Julie - No shame ducking. I've done that so many times. I still haven't figured out how to comment from my phone. Pathetic - I know.

    David - Here's to 2015 being THE YEAR OF THE CONFERENCE.

  11. Laini Taylor?22&&!!!!?? Hey I knew a lot of the other names you mentioned too! So excited to read Martina's book. (You don't happen to have an Arc you want to share, do you?) SMILE

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