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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Self Lovin' Blog Hop!

TL Watson is running a bloghop this week to 
celebrate our talents.

 In her words: "Please share with us what you're good at. There's something--I know there's something--no matter how small you think it is." 

Check out Tara's Blog post about it, and feel free to join in!

I'm not big on talking about myself, but I do have a smidge of talent in something I enjoy and don't do enough of anymore.


I spent many years as a scenic and lighting designer. Here is an eclectic collection of renderings from my past. 

Road Trip - original

Desert Ruin - Inspired by existing work 

Renderings for a scenic projection backdrop - original 

Seascapes - Inspired by existing work

Backdrop Rendering - City Neighborhood - original

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Please share in the comments what you are good at in writing or some other hidden talent.

Happy Spring!


  1. A smidgen of talent?? These are gorgeous!!! I love seeing these, both from a purely aesthetic standpoint, and also because I have a theatre background, too. I'm glad Tara 'introduced' us!

  2. What an awesome hop! Loved seeing your watercolors. I would say you have a lot of talent. I love drawing, and find it not only relaxing, but a springboard for writing as well. :)


  3. I like those designs, especially the city neighborhood one! You are definitely talented! I guess my secret talent is writing stuff on my blog and Twitter page that makes people laugh. Offline I'm pretty shy, but online it's easier for me to say what I'm really thinking, partly because I'm "anonymous" online.

  4. WOW!!! These are amazing! I'm so glad you shared them, and I hope you do again! You definitely are talented!

  5. A smidgen?1?! Are you kidding--those are beautiful. I can't draw a straight line so I am always amazed by the artistic talent some have. And you definitely have a lot of it.

    Thank you so much for participating in the hop!

  6. Leslie, you did these? Holy cow. They're amazing. I've never seen this side of you before, or seen this work before. No wonder your books read like a movie. Beautiful.

  7. oh, I love your watercolors! I love the blues and greens in the seascapes!!! Beautiful!! Hmm...I am currently into collages. I am making them personal right now. Not something I care to share. But who knows where I'll go next. I'm finely letting go of the idea that art has to be for a reason/purpose instead of for the sake of expressing myself. It's very freeing. I like finger painting :)

  8. Such lovely pictures, Leslie! It's hard to find time for all of the things we enjoy, isn't it? I used to paint, but haven't done it in ages. Just recently I was asked to do a mural and it was so nice to get back into it.

  9. Wow, nice paintings! I paint as well! Oil paints.

  10. Those are amazing. You should definitely take lots of time to pursue that!

  11. You do have a talent! How great to be able to create in another medium.

  12. Oh my, those are gorgeous! I love how you use lines to contradict the softness of your paint. Very nice.

  13. Sending all of you a virtual pound of Sees candy. Thanks for the kind words.

  14. Those are awesome! One of my plans once I retire is to take a painting class - I totally suck at painting but I'd love to learn!

  15. I spent a long time trying to cultivate a talent for art. After years of still not being able to draw stick figures I gave it up and am in awe of anyone who can draw. Very nice Talent!

  16. I love these. I enjoy painting, but I could never figure out watercolor.

  17. Awesome paintings. I'm always amazed by the creativity.

  18. Ooh, it must be lovely to be able to paint! I think the Road Trip one is my favourite.