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Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Not Cool Robert Frost" Meet Kid President

Really Leslie? Another video to watch. I'm trying to hit ten blogs today. I don't have time for this. 

Cross my heart, you will not regret clicking on this one. Inspiration shows up when you need it the most. 
Here's some for you.

Kid President's name is Robby. He was born with brittle bone condition and has endured over 70 breaks since he was born. He is on a journey through this life to get us all dancing.
To learn more about this extraordinary force in our universe, visit his website Kid President
And now -
Let's DANCE!


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  2. For some weird reason, I don't get a video in my browser, so I followed the link. love all the videos. What a kid!

  3. "Unless your dream is stupid." OMG, I LOVED this! Puts everything in perspective, right? Thanks for the smiles :)))

  4. I love Kid President - I've used this video in my class this past year. You've been peptalked! Love it!!

  5. Oh Leslie Rose! You do not know how much I love this! What a fantastic kid and video!! Sometimes social media is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this!!


  6. He is so incredible! That is a terrible medical problem to have. I can't even imagine...

  7. What an amazing inspiration! I can't imagine having his bone disease, but his message comes through loud and clear. :)

  8. Amazing and so inspiring! Thanks for posting this.

  9. I've seen this before and always love watching it.

  10. There's no video in my browser?
    But I'll definitely check it out tomorrow... off to bed now, it's 1.52 a.m. my side of the bloggyverse.
    Writer In Transit

  11. I can't see the video but I don't have to. I have seem Kid Prez before, and he is one amazing boy. Great insight and messages! I didn't know about the brittle bone disease tho. So sad!

  12. I've seen this one, he's pretty amazing :) Such a cool kid :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)

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