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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Va Va Vroom, A Counting Book by Sarah Lynn

I adore picture books. Coming from a design background, illustrations are a huge draw for me.
But that's not all...

You may think that by fifth grade, picture books are history, and I don't use them in class any more.
 Not so. 
They still serve many purposes such as teaching:
  • Elements of storytelling
  • Cause and Effect 
  • Picture vs. text connection
  • Main Idea vs. Detail
  • Sequence
And they are also:
  • An accessible practice tool for English Language Development
  • Material for reading aloud to younger cross-age buddies that carries the added bonus of refining speech presentation skills 

My latest crush is an adorable book, 
by Sarah Lynn with Illustrations by Daniel Griffo, about three kids racing for the finish line in a clever counting lesson.

Admit it, you said, "Oh, how cute." 

Here's a fun trailer for Va Va Vroom. I dare you not to be charmed. 

I also want to give a shout out to Tip Tap Pop another treasure from Sarah Lynn. This story about a grandfather and a granddaughter will warm your heart.  

The holidays are coming. Children + Picture Books = LOVE
Long Live Picture Books. 


  1. I use picture books in class too. There are so many great ones & the kids love them :)

  2. What eye-catching illustrations! I use picture books in my French classes for similar purposes that you mentioned. Easier content for kids just learning a new language. And no matter what the words on the page, I can use the illustrations in any number of ways. I've had kids count the windows, count the goodies, count the bears... We practice the colors, shapes, various vocabulary.

    And back to English, I was just asked to read a picture book at my kids' elementary school Fall Festival at the end of the month. Even older kids enjoy a good story!

  3. I'm going to do another series where children authors can guest blog and promote their books for the holidays. I did this before and it went over very well.

  4. Ooh, this one is going straight on my gift buying list! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are doing well, Leslie! Waving at you!


  5. Adorable choices! I love browsing the PB shelves for gifts (mainly because it gives me a good excuse to enjoy all the fun books out there!).

  6. I was a speech pathologist for a long time and I loved using picture books with the kids. I got the best reactions from them than I did when I used some boring picture cards or something.
    Someday I hope to write one that kids love. thanks for sharing this one!

  7. It IS adorable. I've got a crush on it too.

  8. I am rediscovering a great love of pictures books with my daughters. I've been working through the top 100 lists but these samples are a distraction! There is something so drawing (pun intended) about kids and grandpas/grandmas

  9. As a fellow 5th grade teacher I use picture books regularly with my students. In the past week we read Enemy Pie and Thank You, Mr. Falker- two books I adore. I haven't read either of the books you mentioned in this post- but I cannot wait to check them out. They sound delightful! Picture books have a way about them- I can get lost in the images. :)

  10. We will never outgrow picture books, and Sarah's books are so sweet!

  11. Totally cute!
    I'll always love PBs! Good to know the don't get old even to 5th graders.

  12. I did say how cute! I'm looking these up at my library. Thanks!

  13. Oh, I love picture books, too. And they really do offer so many opportunities to teach reading skills and strategies. These PBs you highlighted look adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

  14. These look like charming reads.

    I love pictures books. I teach middle school and notice my students love them, too.

  15. Oh my gosh, I love the illustrations for Va Va Vroom!! Gorgeous!!

  16. I love picture books! Those two look adorable. I might have to get copies for my collection. I truly believe you are never too old for picture books. Just look at the Hugo Cabret book. That was mainly pictures and was for older kids. My son was spellbound by that. (So was I).


  17. Thank you, everyone for all your sweet comments about my books!

    I do have to say that one of the most amazing things about writing a picture book is seeing it brought to life by an illustrator.

    Thank you Leslie, for this lovely post!

  18. Long live picture books! I second that!
    The illustrations are cute!

  19. ooh looks like a fun read! I love those illustrations, too!


  20. Oh, I third that! lol.
    And it's funny because my 11yo reads all those long MG books, like The Lightning Thief and all, but he ALSO reads picture books sometimes. When I buy a new one for his younger brothers, he's the first to read it! :)

  21. Yeah, those are really cute books.

  22. Yep, my little boys would LOVE that book. Long live PBs!!!