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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Lil Bit 'O News

Guess what?

I survived the Yalitchat Pitch Slam. In fact, I actually am one of the finalists for my pitch of OVER THE DEEP FRIED RAINBOW. It took me about twenty-four hours to lift my jawbone off the pavement. I would like to officially apologize to my friend, Diane for whacking her in the arm a little too hard when I saw my name listed.

Congratulations to all my fellow finalists. Here’s a “Whoo – hoo” for all of you.

For anyone reading this, I’m not opposed to you dancing naked in the forest or partaking in any other Pagan ritual of good luck, good vibes, or good juju to support my chances in the final leg of my pitch slam journey.

And now for something completely different… (Yes, besides being a Star Wars and Lord of the Ring geek, I’m also a ridiculously devoted Monty Python fan.)

Thank you to C. Lee McKenzie over at the The Write Game for the Versatile Blogger award.

There’s a lot of responsibility with this award and I have a frightening amount of papers to grade so instead of naming specific blogs to pass the award to, I’d like to change up the equation.

Check out blogs I follow in my profile and find some new friends to visit.

Here are my 7 random facts:
  1. My Christmas tree is still up. It's a perpetual pine, but the cat still eats the needles and vomits.
  2. I’m trying to put my cat on a diet.
  3. Bugs don’t freak me out.
  4. My first car was that version of a Pinto that would explode if it was rear ended, yet my parents claim they weren't trying to off me.
  5. I’m tone deaf, so of course I love to sing at the top of my lungs.
  6. I believe David Tennant was the best Dr. Who ever.
  7. My southern roots cause me to use done as a helping verb on some occasions. Example: “I done finished the magazine in the outhouse.” 

Have a kickin’ week.


  1. Congratulations!!!

    And I totally with you. David Tennant is the BEST Dr. Who. :)

  2. Here's my *Woot* for your Pitch Slam success. That's wonderful. I'll do a bit of dancing to drums in hopes you win in the final round.

    Thanks for the shout out and for passing on the award to others.

  3. Congrats!
    My cat is on a diet, too. Since I started, I swear she's been plotting my death.

  4. Have I mentioned lately how awesome you are? Congrats on the finalist position!!! Oh but as to the cat - I think you might be going more for bulimia than diet if you're keeping the tree around so she'll vomit...

  5. I'm "done" dance naked in the forest just for you, Leslie! Your pitch ROCKS and I'm SO jazzed that you are one of the finalists.

    And according to Lisa's comment, you could sell old Christmas tree as the latest greatest diet solution! You'll be rich!

  6. Congtrats!

    And I feel so much better b/c our tree is still up and it's driving me crazy!

  7. Congratulations Leslie! And what an awesome title. I love it.

    Do you have a link to your pitch? You've got me so curious about it with that title. :-)

    I'm done commenting now.

  8. Congratulations, Leslie! I LOVE the title of your book and I am currently crossing all fingers and toes for you (which may make it difficult to get much done, but that's okay, I need a break!) Keep us posted!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! All that bravery paid off! Wow, now I really do have to get out of my comfort zone. Damn! Now you've done gone and did it! Right there with you on the Southern words. I am constantly correcting my posts for Southernisms.

    So, when will you know for sure and it's a bit cold for the naked Pagan dancing. I'll be wearing my white robe for this dance!


  10. Congratulations, Leslie!

    My cats need to be on a diet.

  11. Congratulations! I love the way you switched it up! You shared the love in a unique way. :) I am tone deaf and love to sing too- much to the annoyance of anyone who hears me!

  12. Congrats! That's awesome.

    I'm not even southern and I use that "done" all the time. ;)

  13. It sounds like your cat is on the bulimic diet with the whole tree thing:)Poor puking kitty.
    ANd yes Leslie, I will do a naked dance in the woods for you!!!! As long as no one watches:)

  14. Those are the best seven things I done read in a long time. ;)

  15. Congrats! I wish you well. :)

    Happy writing.

  16. Congrats, Leslie!!!!

    And good luck with the kitty going on a diet. My old cat never liked the idea when we bought it up.

    (ps. I bought the sequel to Save the Cat too (the empire strikes back one, not the goes to the movie one.) It's in the mail!))