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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Here is some treasure I’m carrying in my pocket from this year’s SCBWI LA Conference.

Don’t throw anything away. You never know what might be “mineable” material. BRUCE COVILLE, Author

A big mistake is submitting your manuscript too early. TRACEY ADAMS, Agent from Adams Literary

Readers are not trends. They want a story full of heart and soul. LIBBA BRAY, Author of BEAUTY QUEENS (You have to listen to the audiobook. I’m still laughing.)

Know what came before you – classics and current works. STEVEN MALK, Agent Writer’s House & JON SCIESZKA, Author of STINKY CHEESE MAN (And a stack of other books I share with the kids in my class every year)

COWBOY AND OCTOPUS by JON SCIESZKA (I dare you not to giggle for days.)

Start a book on the day something different happens. JUDY BLUME, Author of countless amazing books

Help kids know there is more than one way to look at things. NORTON JUSTER, Author of THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH

Be the kid you were when “it” happened. ALAN SILBERBERG, Author of MILO, STICKY NOTES AND BRAIN FREEZE (I dare you not to feel your heart fill with laughter and your eyes with tears when you read MILO.)

History repeats in every human heart. RICHARD PECK, Author of A YEAR DOWN YONDER

The seed of my art was spinning in my soul. LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON, Author of SPEAK

I'm still floating on a cloud of inspiration. Sell the cat if you have to in order to go to SCBWI LA 2012. You'll never regret it.


  1. Cool. I love the quotes! Especially Libba Bray's.

  2. Leslie, this is awesome! It sounds like it was a bonanza of inspiration and practical nuts and bolts. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. It was a beautiful, inspiring weekend. Wasn't it? Thanks for sharing these little bites. I'm still recovering and processing^_^

  4. Inspiration is much needed in this profession, sounds like you got lots of it!

  5. Lee - Me too.

    Julie - You'll have to experience it for yourself next year.

    Angelina - I am still doing major processing. So much awesomeness to take in.

    Prerna - The conference was completely uplifting.

  6. Loved the quotes! Thanks for sharing. I would have loved to go to the conference too! But it's really nice to read this now! :D thanks again!

  7. Oh, Leslie, these are so GOOD! Thanks for collecting them.

    I especially like this one:
    The seed of my art was spinning in my soul. -- LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON

  8. LOL! It's so funny that we both decided to post about the conference at the same time. :D It was definitely chocked full of wonderful tidbits and inspiration. Glad I could share it with you.

  9. Monica - Your flight would be much longer than my drive to the conference, that's for sure!

    Susan - Me too. It revs up my own creativity.

    Lisa - Great minds think alike. *giggle*

  10. Color me jealous! Wish I could've gone... just couldn't afford it this time.
    These are awesome quotes! Thanks so much for sharing them. I love The Phantom Tollbooth! And of course Judy Blume... wow what a treat that must've been!

  11. Readers are not trends. They want a story full of heart and soul.

    Love this! I went to SCBWILA10 and hope to get to 12. It was awesome! :)

  12. I am spreading the word about your blog on my blog with the Liebster Award.