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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doncha Hate...

We all have the dreaded “doncha hate…” moments.  I’m sure you are familiar with those Defcon 5 high blood pressure situations that make us shriek to the skies for someone else to blame, even though we know we are completely at fault. 

  • ·      Doncha hate dropping your keys to the ground multiple times before you finally pick them up and unlock the door.
  • ·      Doncha hate leaving slightly late for an appointment and hitting EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT.
  • ·      Doncha hate locking yourself out of the house – car – work.
  • ·      Doncha hate dropping your clean pajamas on the dirtiest part of the bathroom floor before you have a chance to put them on.
  • ·      Doncha hate totally blanking on your ATM pin code.
  • ·      Doncha hate sticking your dirty dishes in the dishwasher with the clean ones.
  • ·      Doncha hate putting on BLUE pants that you thought were BLACK.
  • ·      Doncha hate leaving your lunch on the kitchen counter and knowing it will go bad by the time you can get home to rescue it.
  • ·      Doncha hate walking downstairs without getting the thing you walked upstairs for in the first place.

These glitches in your otherwise perfect lives are not enemies, they’re friends.  Maddening moments are one hundred percent authentic.  Don’t let them win and claim your sanity. No, I say.  Sentence them to a place in your stories thereby adding a subtle dusting of realism to characters and actions.

Seriously, I’ll bet even vampires drop their keys.  What are some of your “Doncha hate…” moments?        


  1. Oh my gosh, the red-light-when-you're-late thing plagues me on a weekly basis! I'm convinced it's some kind of curse passed down by my mother!

  2. Jess, what a relief to know the "red light thingy" is hereditary. Now we all know who to blame for it. Our parents!

  3. Dirty dishes in the clean dishwasher, and it's usually a buttery knife that spreads it's greasy mess all over the clean silverware. Oh, and I totally forget my ATM code, since my husband usually gets the cash out. I'd be dead if a robber demanded my code.

  4. My next vampire is sooo dropping his keys. Just sayin'

  5. Julie, I admit I am the biggest culprit of sticking the buttery knife in with the pristine shiny ones in my house.

    Lisa, maybe the vampire can drop his keys on a selkie.

  6. I have a son who always puts his dirty dishes in with clean loads! Drives me batcrazy!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  7. Heya, Angela. I've tried the clean/dirty magnet, here ye here ye announcements, and veiled threats to keep my kids from mixing dirty/clean dishes. Apparently, I am going to have to hire a guard. Thanks for visiting the blog.

  8. How about when you SOMEHOW mix clean clothes with dirty ones, and end up having to wash it ALL?!! I've done that, yep.

    I have goodies for you on my blog!

  9. Ach, WC, I'm with you. There's also that one pair of undies, or shirt that falls on the floor going from washer to dryer. No three second rule there. Crazy time!