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Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rain

Twenty-Six Days of Creative Inspiration

Rain, rain don't go away.

Do I have any former puddle jumpers out there? As a kid I couldn't wait to go splashing and get soaked. Once after a big storm our backyard flooded and my brother and I set out to sea in a galvanized tub.

Now there's nothing better than writing when it's pouring outside. I get a fire blazing in the fireplace, brew some chai tea, and snuggle on the couch with my laptop and a quilt. I can write for hours and hours.

Here's a brilliant post from The Bookshelf Muse's weather thesaurus, on how rain can work in your writing. 

Do you wince or jump up and clap your hands when it rains?

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  1. Do I wince . . . or clap my hands. Hmm. That depends upon whether the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning or not. Last year in April a huge tornado came within 1/2 mile of my daughter's 14-story dorm. Terrible destruction all over Alabama and other places in the South.

  2. As a kid I LOVED to play in the rain. I remember getting on my bathing suit and running around jumping in puddles. It was such fun! Today- I enjoy lounging in bed and listening to the rain. I especially like to read or write while I hear the rain creating patterns on the roof. I wouldn't like the rain if it meant that a tornado was coming. I am sure that is too scary. My heart goes out to people that have been in the path of a tornado or its effects.


  3. One of my best memories is walking home from High School in the rain. I got caught too far to run back, and too far to run ahead, so I just took a leisurely pace and enjoyed getting soaked. When I got home I took a nice shower, listened to music and found myself in one of the best moods I'd ever been in. I think it's called living in the moment.

  4. I've always loved the rain, especially when I was a little kid. Then, when I had a kid of my own it was so much fun to teach her how to splash in puddles and really enjoy the rain (and it's after effects LOL).

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  5. Rain!! I've always preferred it to sun, and people give me strange looks because of it.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  6. I'm happy when it rains. I usually consider it a reading day, but the image you paint of writing on rainy days is very appealing. :)

  7. I'm a rain lover, too. Here is Wyoming we don't get a lot of rain, but we do get summer thunder storms. They roll in around 3:00 p.m. rains falls, lightning flashes, thunder booms, and then they leave about an hour later. Then the sun comes out and dries up the water. As a kid I played in the rain and in water puddles. We would make toy boats out of sticks or paper and set them sailing down the gutters along side the curbs near the sidewalk.

  8. I love rain, Leslie, especially when it includes thunder and lightening! As long as I am safe from the storm, it makes me feel cozy and warm. My Mom and I would sit at the front screen door eating popcorn, and watching the drama unfold before us. Thanks for this reflective post! Just stopping by from the Challenge...

  9. We camped a lot with the kids when they were younger. Some of our favourite times were when it was raining. We'd gear up and head out. People thought we were nuts - but it's a lot of fun!

  10. I love rain when it includes thunder and lightning (unless it's going to hit my house). I love it when we get rainbows. I don't like it when it pours all day and makes everything look gray. :(

  11. I don't mind the rain as long as I'm snuggled inside. But I'm a big fan of summer sun and heat!!

  12. There are so many lovely songs about the rain that came to mind right away...
    The most popular one Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival.
    I'm Singing In The Rain... I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone... It's Raining Men...
    Happy R-Day!

  13. I enjoy staying indoors on a rainy day. And it's great white noise. I like to take naps when it rains; it's peaceful.

  14. And it is NOW DEFINITELY CONFIRMED that we are DESTINED to be twin sisters by choice:

    "Now there's nothing better than writing when it's pouring outside. I get a fire blazing in the fireplace, brew some chai tea, and snuggle on the couch with my laptop and a quilt. I can write for hours and hours."

    Substitute Red Rose tea for Chai, and that's me.

  15. I love hearing rain when I fall asleep. Last night was the first time in weeks that we had rain. And it's supposed to stick around a while.

    Running in a summer rain can be fun.