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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Thank you so much, C.LeeMcKenzie, author and blogger extraordinaire over at The Write Game blog, for passing on positive vibes with the following awards. Look for her new middle grade novel, Alligators Overhead.

The task for this award is to name your five favorite books. I can't, I just can't. It's like picking a favorite child. 

I'm an audiobook nut, so I'll pick five YA audiobooks that kept the ear buds firmly planted in my noggin.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
2. Insurgent by Veronica Roth
3. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
4. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
5. The Chaos Walking Trilogy: The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness

Don't you just love anything with the word fabulous in it?

Fabulous Moments:
1. Applauding as my daughter graduated with a BA in English from UC Irvine - Yes, another writer has entered the ranks
2. Watching my son on stage - so talented
3. Sitting on the beach from sunset until the stars come out
4. The first day I meet a new class of fifth graders
5. Reconnecting with a friend I thought I'd never see again

Five Things I Love:
1. Writing by the fire, wearing fuzzy socks
2. Snuggling with all three cats at once
3. Road trips
4. A story that moves me to tears
5. Watching my students sneak-read a book they can't put down in class 

Five Things I Dislike:
1. Dream stealers
2. Meaness
3. Joss Whedon killing off characters I love
4. Narrow, inflexible minds
5. Double dippers at a party

I'm going off book here for passing on these awards. Instead of naming names, I award anyone who:

1. Listens to audiobooks
2. Has met one of their favorite authors in person
3. Married their childhood sweetheart
4. Has a child who is pursuing a life in the arts
5. Is going to Comic Con in San Diego this month

Please let us know as you pick up an award so we can click your link and visit your blog.
I'd can't wait to hear your stories.

Giveaway over at Journeys of Wonder this week.


  1. Congrats on the awards! It was so fun to learn a bit more about you. I love the word FABULOUS! It makes everything better. I enjoyed your list- and hope to check out those YA audio books. Fault in Our Stars has been on my list and audio may be the way to go. :) I do not like double dippers or dream stealers either.

  2. Fun lists. I love audio books too, especially for long car trips. I think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory saved us from a major feud on our last trip (my daugher vs. her grandma who both want to talk nonstop. LOL).

  3. Congrats on the awards. I dislike double dippers. I avoid dips because of them. I read and loved books 1, 2, and 4. It was great learning more about you.

  4. I enjoyed reading all those. Congrats on the awards!

  5. Those are awesome lists! Whedon really shouldn't be allowed to kill off his fabulous characters!! Totally agree. :)

  6. I'm still in mourning over Wash!! :(

    1. I can't wait to see the YouTube of the Firefly 10 year reunion panel from Comic Con.

  7. Your lists are so sweet! Watching students sneak-read a book they can't put down in class, snuggling with cats, reconnecting with friends. . . I kept nodding and smiling.

  8. I married my childhood sweetheart! :)

    I haven't read (or listened to) #5 on your book list. Thanks for the referral! I'll look it up on Goodreads.

  9. Is it strange that I have books 1-4 but haven't read them? I don't do audio books very well. If I didn't learn how to tune out things I'd never get anything done so I learn how to tune out audio books as well. It's just background noise to me.

    I don't like double dippers but I live with three males, I take my own helping of dip and let them have at it!

    As far as having a child pursuing the arts, does it count if your 12 yr old has a blog and writes fan fiction? Can't say I pushed him, he just kind of did it himself.


  10. Congrats on the award!!
    And bummer--I don't do anything that you list there, lol.

    But I have read most of the books you listed there. :)

  11. Great answers, Leslie! Fun to read. I hate inflexible minds too. So frustrating.

  12. I agree with the fuzzy socks and road trips. Both wonderful. :)

  13. Congrats on your award!

    I liked Divergent, but haven't yet read Insurgent. I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars now. So easy to read. I remember the quote, Easy reading is damn hard writing.

  14. Congrats on the award!

    I always love meeting my new fifth graders, too and the beach is one of my favorite places. Road trips are awesome and I cannot stand when people double dip! Such interesting tidbits about you. :)

  15. Road trips are awesome (me and hubby cruising down the highway on our way to Devil's Tower with Radar Love blaring on the radio...good times!)

    I say "yes" to the arts. And "no" to dream stealers. Keep up the good work, Leslie.

    1. I went on a pilgrimage to Devil's Tower after Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out. It was fab. No aliens though.

  16. Yes, to fuzzy socks and road trips. I really get both of those. What I loved was your creative way of passing this award on. I wish I'd thought of that. Great job.

  17. Aw! I love all these--even your dislikes made me laugh aloud (BOO party double-dippers!!!). : )

  18. I've been DYING to get my hands on INSURGENT! Must.Get.NOW!

    Congrats on the awards!!!

  19. I'm not into audiobooks, but there are a few on the list that I've read (Insurgent) or that I want to read. :)

    Congrats on the award, Leslie!

  20. I fail on all points!!! Well does it count that I hear snatches of audio books my kids are listening to as I pass their rooms? Or that I dearly hope one or more child will pursue a career in the arts? Or that I would LOVE to go Comic Con? Or that I have three cats too... and love fireplaces and beaches under the stars and roadtrips? loved learning some more tidbits about you.

  21. "You can't double dip the chip!"

    I don't like double-dippers, either! And I definitely couldn't pick only 5 favorite books! Congrats to your daughter, and way to go to you for raising creative kids! :)

  22. What a great blog post. I loved your 'Fabulous Moments' and the things you love (though I'm not really a fan of roadtrips myself LOL). I'm not picking up any awards though, that would feel like cheating. Plus, I'm on vacation and shouldn't be spending too much time on my computer ;)

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  23. How sad that I've only read 1 of those 5 books (oh, and um, that would be partially thanks to you - Thanks again for BQ!). But Fault in Our Stars is definitely on my list.

    I love having my own bowl of dip so I can dip as many times as I want without infecting anyone. In public, I behave myself. I promise.

  24. "Narrow, inflexiable minds" HAS to be my number one dislike. Great lists. I love getting to you just a little better.

  25. Great lists! I love watching sunsets until the stars come out, too.

    I was just in San Diego, staying at the Hilton next to the Convention Center where the Comic-con will be held. It was fun to see the preparations, although my family wasn't too happy when our view out our hotel window was obstructed by the screening they used to advertise the event.

  26. Sorry it took me so long to comment. I love your lists. I hope I never double dip.