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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tag Time

HAPPY LEAP DAY. I think I'm supposed to ask Gerard Butler to marry me.

Huge hugs and thanks to Ruth from the Out on a Limb blog for giving me the Kreativ Blogger award AND to C. Lee McKenzie at The Write Game for catching me in a game of tag.

I'm going with a hybrid of the rules of these two honors. I answered Lee's 11 questions below, but I'm kind of cheating and re-tagging the same people she tagged. I enjoyed visiting their blogs and I want you to go say hi to them as well. In a duplicitous move, I'm also passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award to the aforementioned tagees.

My rule breaking may cause the ruination the entire Internet that was expected back at Y2K. For that, I apologize.

Tag Q & A: 
1. What's the best part of reading a book you love?
I love the "point of no return," where you can't put the book down until you finish it.
2. What book(s) have stayed in your head?
LORD OF THE RINGS and PETER PAN because I want to live in either Neverland or Middle Earth.
3. If you could write one book only, what would the main character be like?
Super smart teen girl who is obsessed with astronomy and is freakishly gifted at fencing.
4. What book(s) do you love to read to your kids?
I teach 5th grade, so I love books with characters that challenge my students to look at the world or people with a filter they haven't used before. We're about to read FIGHTING GROUND by Avi, which chronicles a middle grade aged boy who joins up to fight in the revolutionary war.
5. Do you ever read books aloud to others?
I read LORD OF THE RINGS aloud to my own children before they saw the movies. I do a spectacular Gimli. It took a whole year. Currently I'm reading the amazing story, MILO, STICKY NOTES AND BRAIN FREEZE by Alan Silberberg to my class. 
6. Do you like discussing books with others?
There's nothing better than having a verbal love fest with people who felt the same way you did about a book. My work colleagues and I just savored MAJOR PETTIGREW'S LAST STAND by Helen Simonson.
7. If you hate a book, do you keep reading anyway or put it away?
I can't stand abandoning a book. I've only done it once. No, I won't tell you the title because I still intend to go back and finish it. Someday.
8. What kind of books do you like best? Sci-fi, Realistic, Historical Fiction, Biography, other.
Sci-fi. Sci-fi. Sci-fi.
9. Are you transitioning into the digital age with a Kindle or a Nook or a I-Pad? Or are you sticking with those hard copies? Do you mix it up?
I mix it up. I'm always working on a Kindle book, a hard copy, and an audiobook.
10. How much do covers influence your buying a book?
I have a design background so covers are a HUGE draw for me, especially ones with a lot of complexity and a kickin' color palette.
11. Any new books you'd recommend?
I'm having a love affair with LOLA, AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Stephanie Perkins, A MILLION SUNS by Beth Revis, and WONDERSTRUCK by Brian Selznick.

Tagees - Say hi for me when you go a visitin':

Official rules of the tag:
1. Never talk about fight club, oh wait...
Real #1. Post the rules
2. Answer the questions and then create 11 new questions to ask the people you've tagged. (I'll let Lee's questions stand for the double tagged blogs above.)
3. Tag 11 people and link to them.
4. Let them know you've tagged them.

Official rules of the Kreativ Blogger Award:
1. Tell ten things about yourself
2. Pass it on to six others


  1. Congrats on getting caught for a game of tag! Nice Q&A! And happy leap day to you too! :D

  2. Here's to ruination! I love it when teachers break those rules. Here's to A-Z frenzy. Good luck in April.

  3. Congrats on being tagged!
    I abandon books all the time. My time is too valuable. : )

  4. Oh my, G. Butler isn't married yet? I'll race you...

    I am so with you on the reading Point of No Return, wanting to live in Middle Earth or Never Never land, reading out loud with kids and SF, SF, SF... and many others!

  5. It was fun getting to know you a little better. :)

  6. I have GOT to read Pettigrew. I just picked up Heist Society from the library today, so I'll be reading that right after Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I want to absorb it all!

  7. Love your answers Leslie. I have a friend that just recently got tagged like that and she posted the questions to her readers b/c so many of us are award free blogs. Either way, it's a great way to learn about each other! I'd love to know about that book you couldn't finish!


  8. Great answers, Leslie. Pretty cool getting to know a little more about your writing and reading tastes, which I love...such as LOTR and Beth Revis.

  9. Great reading about you through your awesome answers!

  10. For number one, I love that moment when an author has "captured" something perfectly.

    Happy reading/writing!

  11. I'm dying to read Beth Revis' book! And I'm like you, it takes a WHOLE lot for me to want to put down a book:)

  12. My husband read LOTR to me. I think it makes for a whole different experience than just reading it yourself. Such a good book.

    Oh, and I put books down all the time! Mostly it's because I have such limited time to read that I won't waste time reading books I don't enjoy. But I used to read everything to the end.

  13. Awww, that was fun! I read Stephanie Perkins's and Beth Revis's first books, but haven't had time yet for their 2nds. I'm currently in a MG phase, which you've probably guessed since you stop by my blog every week (thanks for that, btw). Congrats on your awards/tags!

  14. I like that most of these questions have to do with books and reading. Very cool. Congrats on the tag!

  15. Love your answers! And LOTR FTW! I remember reading The Hobbit as a child, which spawned my love of fantasy from that day forward. I can't wait to do the movie marathon with my kids. Reading it to them? wow you are a trooper! ANd so are they! My kids won't sit still for that until they're at least 13. Got a few years for that. But I'd love it!!!

  16. Congrats on the award and I enjoyed reading your tag answers.

    I abandon books if I don't like them at the beginning.

    I loved Lola and I can't wait to read Revis' second book.

  17. LOTR, absolutely sticks in my mind too. I'll reread that one for the rest of my life.

  18. Glad you've embraced those eBooks! Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the trailer. My publisher worked on it for three months.

  19. I could never read LOTR out loud. I can't pronounce most of the characters' names (even though I've seen the movie), and my elfish is really bad. :P

  20. Hehe I'm like you! I have a book on Kindle, a paper/hardback and an audiobook!
    And, I also hate not finishing books but lately it happened more and more simply because there are so many books waiting for me *sigh* I do fell bad though...

  21. Thanks for poppin' in, peeps. I'm diggin' all the LOTR love.

  22. HaHa! At first I read question number six as, "Do you like disgusting books..."

    Interesting that you can't abandone a book. The one you did abandon must have been horrible.

    I have news for you. I DM'd you on Twitter, but maybe you didn't get it? Oddly enough, random dot org chose you (again) as the winner of my 300 post celebration! Do you want me to mail it to the address on the prize you mailed me last week?

  23. Okay, the fact that you took a year and read LOTR to your kids make you my HERO. Seriously, that is so awesome I don't even know where to start. I am passionate about LOTR too! :)

  24. Great answers! And I love your breaking of the rules :)

    My mom used to be horrified if I abaondonned a book. It took me a while to get over it, but I can do it now. :)

  25. Whoa! Ditto what Angela said. I love that you read LOTR to your kids. Such dedication! :)

    Congratulations on the award, Leslie, and thank you for passing the fun on to me. I'll post on Monday. :D

  26. Thank you for the awards, Leslie.

    I confess to not finishing several books, and don't feel bad that I never will. Sci-fi is great. LOTR is fabulous.

  27. It's so nice to meet you, Leslie! And thank you for the tag and award. Okay, now I'm totally going to have to read LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR! And I love that "point of no return" as well - especially if it comes when it's time to brush my teeth! :)

  28. Leslie, you rebel, you hahaha!! Thank you for tagging me and visiting my blog :) I still have to do this from Lee's blog. I'm so slow!

  29. Thanks for the link!! I love that you read TLOR to your kids (I wish I could hear your Gimli!)--that's awesome!

  30. What fun facts about you! I loved Wonderstruck, too! I have never read The Fighting Ground- but I have read other books by Avi. I will have to check it out!