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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, What a Day!

Glass half-empty:

  • My son and I locked ourselves out of the house an hour before his behind the wheel driving test.
  • We surprised my friend during her shower to get our spare key, after calling another friend to drive us to her house to get said spare key.
  • The brake lights shorted out as the DMV examiner was checking them, so my son couldn't take his driving test.
  • It took two hours to get the short in the brake lights fixed at the car place.
  • A spaced out lady almost backed into me in a parking lot.
  • The DMV website would not let my son reschedule his test online.
Glass half-full:
  • It's impossible to break into my house.
  • My son's friends have their driver's licenses to rescue us.
  • My friend showers.
  • My son didn't get rear-ended while taking his driving test with faulty brake lights.
  • I had time for a delicious veggie wrap while the car got fixed.
  • I am alive to write this blog.
  • Still working on a glass half-full/DMV line...
And then I starting my writing day...
  • Birds chirped
  • Cats purred
  • Music played
  • The outside world disappeared
  • Bliss and Joy took my hands
How has diving into your writing reframed a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day for you?


  1. OMG Your friend showers!!! That's wonderful news! :D LOVE IT. LOVE YOU and how you can turn anything around. Yeah, well, no one can turn the DMV around. That would take divine intervention.

  2. Lisa, I think you've hit the nail on the head with divine intervention. My son asked me why everyone at the DMV is always in a bad mood.:)

  3. Oh man, what a day! Loved the "my friend showers" on the half-full side!

    You're a strong lady for having such a good sense of humor about it~ I hope your son handled it as well :)

    I'm so glad the day was redeemed and you found bliss through writing.

  4. LOL, great post! It's important to reframe these things in life. Using them in my writing is a great release as well.

    I so identify with the driving thing as my son starts the driving portion of driver's ed in (gasp!) 2 hours!!! I'm sooo not ready!

  5. OMG, Leslie, that's too much! But I love how the birds chirped and and the cats purred when you started writing. Your poor son got a good look at the nightmare that is the DMV.

  6. LOL, you reminded me when my 2yo locked me inside the chicken coop!
    Anyway wow, that was really a crazy day!
    And yes!! Writing relaxes me, too! And my hubby knows now that when I don't write for too long, I get cranky, lol.

  7. We're moving in a few days and the chaos all around is too much for even me. Brief writing breaks bring a semblance of order to it all. :)

    Veggie wrap sounds awesome.

  8. @Jess - Now that the word is out on my friend showering, it will be all the rage. Soon everyone will be doing it.

    @Susan -You HAVE to let me know how your son did on the test. I'm hard pressed to find any young driver that the DMV actually passes on their first shot at the behind the wheel test. Hmmmmm?

    @Julie - Did I mention all the neighborhood dogs wagged their tails once they heard the click of my keyboard?

    @Monica - Your chicken coop incident wins the unofficial glass half empty prize

    @Lee - I think moving is up their with death and divorce as the worst stresses for humankind. Good luck. Remember where you hide your jewelry. I'm still looking for my engagement ring.

  9. It always helps to end a hard day either writing or reading! HOpe it gets better!

  10. Thanks, Laura. Nothing a little ice cream and chocolate can't fix.

  11. This is so great, I love it! Hopefully those kinds of days only come around once in a great while. I'm knocking on wood right now because I'm probably due.

  12. Hiya, Kimberly. Don't you prefer to get all the cloudy Karma over with on the same day?

  13. I love this half empty half full approach to the situation - playing off each other - the shower comments got me laughing!

    Cats purred... that always helps me find my joy again too.

  14. Hey, Margo. Yay for kitties. Mine are meowing for food right now, not quite as soothing as the purr.

  15. Great story! It took me back to the day I got my driver's liscense 28 years ago. My car stalled three times as I was pulling out of my parking spot. I pulled out infront ot a car. I ran a red light because the car felt like it was going to die. Then the tester made me pull over and breath. When we got back to the police station I said I would see him in two weeks and he told me I passed. He said he understood that the car problems were not my fault. I burst into tears. LOL...Oh what fun the teenage years are. :)

    I love your positive attitude. I now look at stuff like that (usually). It's just a good story.

  16. Wow, what a story, Sharon. I read it to my son and he feels much better about a wimpy little brake light issue. Thank you for restoring some of his self-confidence. Welcome to Yes, This Will Be on the Test.

  17. Just being able to shut the door helps me!

  18. Hiya, Anita. I love a good door shut. Sadly my cats will just scratch at it. So much for peace.