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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It’s conference week in the 5th grade trenches.  Today I asked my students to list three things in the following categories to share with their parents during our meeting.

I shine at…
I need to improve in…

As my student’s were listing their positive attributes with no qualms about bragging, I realized that as writers we tend to dwell on the areas in our work that need improvement rather than celebrate our strengths.

So for today, let’s share the shine.  I’ll go first.

I shine at dialogue.  (That BA in acting finally paid off.)
I shine at settings.  (That MFA in design finally paid off.)
I shine at humor. (My irreverence and smart-alecky mouth finally paid off.)

Now blind me with your shine. 


  1. YAY! I LOVE that you shine at all those things! :D
    I guess I shine at, um, pacing? Dunno, I'm the worst crit. for my own work ;)

  2. Love this idea, Leslie! Hmm, 1. Dialogue (acting too) 2. Voice (voices in my head he he he) 3. Prolific (I'll leave that one alone mwahahaha!)

  3. Leslie, you DO shine at those things, no doubt about it. Um, I can't think of any certain things I shine at. Isn't that terrible? Ok, I'll go out on a limb and say I write with heart. I feel weird even saying that, but I certainly hope it's true.

  4. dont know really maybe

    I shine at determination
    I shine at getting there in the end

  5. Okay, Monica, Julie, and Alberta, we need to work on your bragging. Go to the mirror and tell yourself how AWESOME you are!

    Yay, Lisa you completed the assignment and listed 3 things, but I have to add pacing to your list. I need to wear a seat belt when I'm reading your work.

  6. Wow, how many writers with acting backgrounds are out there? My thespian roots certainly help me shine with dialogue and pacing, but setting? Nope. I see everything like it's on stage in my mind's eye, and forget to tell the reader!

    Boy humor, would be my third thing. I make a great twelve-year-old male! Fun post!

  7. Michelle, LOVE the boy humor shine!