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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Hidden Blessing by Melissa Buell

Do you fancy a world where princesses joust and fairies have your back? And yes, there be dragons.

Then pack your bags for Gymandrol, the fantastical world created by Melissa Buell in her Tales of Gymnadrol series.

Melissa's love of fairy tales comes across beautifully in the stories she weaves. Her characters are multi-faceted with dreams and quests that make you want to hop on your steed and join them on their adventures.

If you haven't crossed the border into Gymandrol yet - grab a copy of The Seventh Blessing and prepare to be charmed.

And now the story continues with The Hidden Blessing...


How do you test for happily ever after?

Nine years ago, Emma became orphaned as a result of the Zynachnean-Mittra War. Although her memories are gone and she has no idea who she is or where she came from, she’s kindly adopted by a fairy and raised inthe small village of Weymouth.

Now eighteen, Emma has come to love the life she’s made with her fairy mother. But tragedy strikes Emma’s home just as Prince Will and his sister, Princess Allessia, travel incognito through Weymouth on their way to Mittra. Allessia offers to hire Emma as her lady’s maid, despite Will’s reluctance.

Once they arrive at the home of Queen Samantha and Prince Nolan in Mittra, Emma’s life rapidly becomes entwined with the lives of the royal family. There are rumors that Princess Emmalyn Meredith, tragically found dead when she was eight years old, did not really die. As a result, girls swarm to Mittra to try and prove they are the missing princess. The idea is presented to hold a series of tests to see if any of the girls are indeed Princess Emmalyn.

Talia, Samantha’s fairy godmother, puts together a series of “princess tests” in order to discover the true identity of the long lost princess. Emma volunteers to help with the tests, which creates more opportunities for her to interact with Prince Will. But emotions run high as Emma tries to decipher her own feelings for Will, who has offered to help her find a proper suitor when it is discovered that she is suddenly heir to a large fortune.

Can Emma discover the truth about her past and attempt to plan her future while navigating the stormy waters of courtly intrigue?

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  1. Thanks for having me, Leslie!! :-)

  2. Sounds interesting. Wish Melissa much success!!!

  3. Good luck to Melissa - the books sound totally charming!!

  4. This sounds really great! I will definitely be reading this story! I love fairy tales!!


  5. Charming picture and the font complements it perfectly.
    Congrats to Melissa!

  6. Congrats to Melissa! Love the question: How do you test for happily ever after! :D

  7. ooh! Sounds like a book I'll definitely enjoy reading! Congrats Melissa!

  8. Sounds like a book my daughter would love--I'll have to check it out. And even better, it's written by Melissa! : )

  9. Gymnadrol sounds like it's got everything I love in a magical world.

  10. Oh, it's like Anastasia for fantasy readers - love it! ;)

  11. A fairy wiped my comment! I just saw it disappear from the box as if someone erased a whiteboard. Sounds like a fun read!

  12. Congrats Melissa! I love the sound of this! I am a big fan of fairies. )

  13. Congrats to Melissa. I absolutely love being immersed in a world of princesses and fairies.