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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Summer Has Frozen

Peter Pan has Neverland. Frodo has the Shire. Scarlett has Tara. All places that inspire, anchor, and refuel the core of one's being.

As artists we need a magical space where we can tap into our creative potential and feel renewed. Some find it intrinsically through means of self-talk or music. Others, myself included, are replenished by externals such as special places.

The number one locale that guarantees a rush of writing energy for my soul is the beach, especially the wintertime seaside.

Give me hair-straightening fog, a wind that bites my cheek, air charged with saltiness, and the silky, cold sand. I could sit for hours filling notebooks as seagulls pick at forgotten lunches, and waves tease the shoreline.

Summer has frozen, but my mind bubbles with the fire of a thousand ideas. 

Where is your inspiration fueling station?


  1. Lovely photos. I guess it'll be no surprise to you that the beach is my favorite place, too.

  2. So preettttyyyy. I like taking a walk and feeling inspired. IDK if I have a special place though. Maybe I ought to visit the Shire!

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Your words are so beautiful! My eyebrows raised when you said "hair straightening fog," because it turns my hair into a frizzy, curly mess!

    As for my inspiration fueling station, it's my front porch. When the weather is nice, I love to sit on one of our Adirondack chairs and watch the hills as the sun sets. Now that it's chilly, I watch the same view from inside :D

  4. Your descriptions are beautiful, and I love the pictures! It does sound very nice to write on the beach, and I bet it's especially nice when beaches are deserted for the winter. Kind of makes me wish we lived near the ocean.

  5. Gorgeous photos and descriptions!

    My 'refueling station' (as you so appropriately title it) is at a friends cabin in the mountains. What an inspirational writing spot. Away from traffic and busyness. A quiet, serene hideaway by the river.

    mmm - I want to go there right now. lol

  6. I do refresh myself during vacations. A change of scene and forced time off line is really helpful.

  7. Going to San Francisco works for me. But even going for a run helps me refuel.

  8. The woods. Without a doubt my mind refuels like crazy. Maybe it's all the oxygen, or all the green, but whatever it is I have trouble turning off the inspiration when I'm in the woods.
    I love the beach too and can easily dream the days away in my imaginary world there. :)

  9. I love the beach in fall and spring more than I do summer. But one of my favorite places to get away to for writing is my parents' lake house, especially in the fall and winter. It's so quiet and beautiful.

  10. I say we all get on a luxury bus and go visit everyone's favorite place with our laptops.

  11. I love cold beaches, and you're the first person I've ever encountered who enjoys them as well. When we lived in CA, it was a great pleasure to go often. :)

  12. Man, that beach sounds incredible. I don't know if I have any place specifically, but I want one now :) I'll have to ponder this one...

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  13. Hiking at Torrey Pines State Reserve. Gorgeous, quiet, and inspiring!

  14. A cozy chair by a fire! I LOVE beautiful places like beaches and mountains, but unfortunately they don't inspire me to write (though I have gotten some great ideas after an inspiring view)

    It's interesting that you like wintertime beaches. A nice break from the summer time beach cliche.

  15. Michele - Glad to find a fellow "cold sander."
    Margo - I'm right there with you for the fireside writing. I keep Duraflame in business.
    Ara - I've played golf at Torrey Pines - it's heart-stopping gorgeous.
    Yes, Sarah - you need to find your happy place.