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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Whadaya Think About Blog Awards?

There are some pretty cool awards floating around the blogosphere. It’s true that accepting an honor, fulfilling its requirements, and passing it on can add yet another serving to your already overflowing “to be done” plate. Sometimes we just can’t respond to an award. I’ve been guilty of losing an award because I didn’t bookmark or write down the generous giver, and I feel bad. Thank you and I’m sorry to anyone that feels I snubbed them.

Lisa Gail Green presented a clever solution to passing on an award in her Paranormal Point of View blog.

We have to guard our writing time fiercely, but if you find a sliver of a moment, I think adding a link to the award chain can send some positive vibes out there to cyberspace.

Here are a few reasons why,

Awards –
  • may send you to a blog you otherwise wouldn’t visit
  • connect writers and give a sense of the peer community that’s out there
  • let you learn details about a blogger you might never know thus providing a giggle or the occasional guffaw
  • help build followers for a fellow blogger
  • encourage new bloggers to stick with it

Two Thank Yous I didn’t lose, go out to Lacie Myers and Prerna Pickett for gifting me with the Liebster award (the name makes me crave lobster) that goes out to blogs on the way to the 250 followers goal.

So I'm sending lobster, I mean the Liebster to these delicious voices:

Pass the butter, and share your opinion on blog awards. Happy Fall and welcome to my new followers.


  1. Awww, what a great (yummy) award, Leslie! You deserve that award and many more. Shall I make you a sparkly sash? Ok, I'm being goofy and trying to avoid paying bills. Can you blame me?

    Any reason to get to know our fellow bloggers better is a good reason in my book. Big congrats to those delicious voices!

  2. Hey, thanks for the award! I've been without internet for a bit (turned out to be a cheap power cord--whew!) and still scrambling to catch up with my blog buddies.

    My take on awards: I love 'em! But like you said, they sometimes have to compete with writing and regular blogging schedules and get lost in the shuffle. I know I've definitely gained new followers through them. Thanks for sharing the love!

  3. I appreciate the gesture behind awards but I decided at the beginning not to do them.

  4. I used to be much better at acknowledging & passing on awards. I've fallen down a bit - it's tough to keep it up sometimes. But I love finding new friends through them :)

  5. Congrats!!!! There is nothing wrong with accepting an award! I just get all funny about saying the personal stuff that usually goes with it. You know me. :P Congrats to all those you've passed it to as well!

  6. I saw one blogger, can't remember who now, who had created a page on her blog to house her awards, which I thought was a wonderful idea. Sometimes, when a blogger has so many, it does make the main page harder to see. I think a separate page where they can be honored, but not put too much on the main page, was great.

  7. This is a topic that I'm planning to address in the next few weeks. I've been so grateful for the awards I've received in the past and agree with the points you make about them. However, acknowledging them can be so incredibly time consuming. Recently I deleted all of mine from my site. I was one of those who had a separate page for many of them and even deleted that. I will continue to try to acknowledge the kind folks who send them my way, but with limits. Like I say, I plan on addressing this issue on a future post.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Thanks to everyone for weighing in. I can agree with both sides of the coin.

  9. Lol about the Lobster!

    I love awards because it's a lovely way to send good vibes out there! :D
    But yeah, sometimes you just can't respond to all, and I think everybody understands that, right?

  10. I hear ya, Monica. I have to fight to have blogging time at all some weeks. There are so many great blogs I want to keep up with and I'm bummed when I can't.

  11. Let me just jump in here and say thank you and I DON'T have a whole page of awards and I love lobster, too.

  12. Oh, my gosh! I haven't had much chance to blog-hop lately, so I just saw this. Thanks! I will try to get something up, but I'm horrible with awards. I already have a few other entries that I'm working on, and I want to get those up first, though. I hope that works. Thanks! And LOL on the lobster comment. Now anytime I see someone giving/getting that award I'm going to think of lobster, too!