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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend

The term “butt in chair” is the endearing way of saying you need to dedicate yourself to a routine of writing. I think we can all agree forming a writing habit is the best way to be productive, but what about the chair? Our creative streams deserve the perfect pedestal from which to flow.

I have recently graduated from a discarded kitchen chair with a thin pad to a super-deluxe, turbo desk chair. Viva la difference! I could keep my butt in this baby all day!


  • Padding
  • Swivel (If it spins – even better – not to say I spin when I’m mulling a manuscript – okay I do)
  • Arms (not too high or your fingers get stuck under your desk. OUCH!)
  • Fabric that your legs don’t stick to if it gets too hot
  • Neutral color (So you aren’t distracted)
  • Wheels
  • Unattractive to cats who like to claw everything
  • Back support (In case any doctors are checking my list)
  • Not so awesome that another family member will steal it
  • Easy to assemble (My son had to do mine)

“Say hello to my little friend.”


  1. A bit of butt-glue helps too!
    love the blog...

  2. Oh, nice chair! I sat on a hard wooden thing for years before finally realizing I needed a decent chair.

    I can lean all the way back (if I so choose) and spin around as I please (just not when holding a full cup of coffee).

    Have fun with yours. :)

  3. Nice...definitely makes a big difference.

  4. Woo hoo! Fancy! And now I'm picturing you swiveling in your new chair :D

  5. Nice wheels! *whistles* I love my chair but SOMEONE cracked the leather seat. :( No one will own up to it, but I have my suspicions...

  6. I sit on a wooden kitchen chair right now. But your looks very appealing!

  7. Lovin the new chair! I'll bet you'll log some major writing hours in that baby:)

  8. Pat - Thanks. Can I get that glue on QVC?

    Lee - Dang. I forgot to check reclinability. Your chair wins.

    Prerna - You have no idea how big a diff. I don't hobble when I first stand up anymore.

    Julie - I just spun twice before I answered you.

    Lisa - I SO did not crack your leather seat.

    Laura - Take the plunge. One word - Costco.

    Deana - This thing is so comfy, I could watch TV in it.

  9. Great chair! So jealous! I want a nice, shiny new chair, too!!!!!

  10. I need more cushioning. I think that's an aging thing, LOL!

  11. Love the title of your post!

    My "friend" is called "Executive Brown Chair." We spend way too much time together.

    Have fun with your 5th graders! I've got a 3-4 combo this year!


  12. Oh I want one too!! Can you share? LOL.

  13. Emily - You DESERVE a new chair.

    Lydia - What is the ratio - one new inch of padding for each year?

    Monica - Come on over for some quality chair time.

    SQ - Now my chair wants a classier name since it heard your has the word "Executive" in its title.

  14. Your chair looks wonderful. Ours is getting pretty old and isn't as comfortable as it used to be. I could get a new chair...or I could just take my laptop to our couch and stay there all afternoon. The couch wins almost every time.