Yes, This Will Be On the Test

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Enjoy noting down a generous portion of family conflict for future writing projects, followed by a dollop of delicious potential dialog from the dinner table.  Enjoy the effects of tryptophan and have a relaxing, yet productive story-fodder gathering, day.

See you next week with another view from the 5th grade trenches.


  1. Oh yes, lots of potential story material when the family gathers. If only they knew we were spying on them and taking notes!

    Enjoy the family, Leslie.

  2. Sweet sweet revenge. Uh I mean have a great holiday!

    BTW the most creative Thanksgiving post I've seen yet. ;)

  3. I probably read too much Spy vs. Spy in Mad Magazine. Excuse me I have to go set up my hidden cameras.